Partnership & Fiduciary Disputes

Atlanta Business Dispute Attorney

At the Robbins Firm, we regularly represent partners, employees, officers, shareholders, and companies in disputes involving fiduciary duties, including disputes related to the termination of a partnership or business. Our Atlanta business dispute attorneys are experienced in both bringing and defending claims of breach. We also handle the dissolution of real estate partnerships and receiverships. We handle claims involving millions of dollars, from pre-suit negotiation through trial or arbitration.

Representative Clients and Matters:

  • Our firm represented a member of a partnership whose partner, in bad faith, refused to pay our client her compensation and interest in the business. We tried our client’s claim to a successful jury verdict, resulting in a judgment and six figure damages award in our client’s favor.
  • We represented a partner in a real estate venture involving multiple properties, who was sued by her partner, a prominent local business owner. Despite poor documentation of the terms of the venture, we were able to disprove the claims and settle the case favorably for our client.
  • We represent an inventor who was sued by his two former partners regarding ownership of European patents. Plaintiffs are seeking over $20 million, and we assert counterclaims for $50 million.
  • A family-owned manufacturing company in an independent investigation demanded by minority shareholders.
  • Our firm represented a real estate developer in an appeal of a trial court’s final judgment for $0 (obtained by prior counsel) in a dispute between business partners for misappropriation of partnership assets. The Court of Appeals unanimously found that approximately $1.2 million remained unpaid to our client by his business partner.
  • Our clients were defendants in a partnership dispute seeking over $2 million, arising from a real estate transaction. We successfully moved to dismiss the plaintiff’s claims for fraud, RICO, and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • We represented a minority stakeholder in a real estate company in a breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty dispute against the majority owner of the company. After a two-week, highly complicated jury trial, we obtained a verdict in our client’s favor and a damages award of over half a million dollars.
  • The minority owner of a business retained our firm to pursue claims for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty case against the majority owner. The case was arbitrated through the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator held that the majority owner breached his contractual and legal duties to our client and the arbitrator awarded our client nearly one million dollars.
  • We represented executives who were deprived of bonuses and equity interest in the company that hired them. Our clients and the employer (a well-known Atlanta developer) filed lawsuits. The case settled on the eve of trial.