SEC and CFTC Whistleblower Representation

Our clients do the right thing when they see something wrong. Rather than staying silent, they say something. Doing that takes guts, and it also takes the right legal team to protect their interests. We represent whistleblowers who stand up to corporate and other wrongdoing, often in the face of significant risks to their careers or reputation. When done correctly, whistleblowing cannot only help prevent fraud and other wrongdoing—it can result in significant monetary awards for the whistleblower. The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has awarded more than $1.3 billion to whistleblowers. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”), the SEC’s sister agency, has awarded more than $330 million to whistleblowers.

Our skilled attorneys have worked inside the enforcement division of the SEC and other government agencies to which whistleblowers can report wrongdoing anonymously, while still qualifying to receive a monetary award. No one knows the enforcement process, the agency priorities, or how to package a whistleblower tip better than our firm. Equally important, we know how to protect our clients from getting swept up in an investigation, how best to avoid retaliation, and what to do if it occurs.

Our attorneys are highly selective about which whistleblower matters to take—we do not throw bad tips at the wall and hope something sticks. Sometimes that means we might tell a potential client that it is in their best interest not to submit a tip. That selectivity means that when we do submit a tip to the government, they listen. We have submitted whistleblower tips on behalf of clients with information about wrongdoing by public companies, investment advisers, accounting firms, and run-of-the-mill crooks who lie to innocent investors to steal their money.

The securities and commodities laws are highly complex and take years to master. Our attorneys include a former SEC Senior Trial Attorney, the former Assistant Securities Commissioner for the State of Georgia, and a court-appointed SEC receiver. Our attorneys collectively have decades of experience working with regulators and law enforcement on securities and commodities law matters. We have contacts at and experience with every SEC office and specialty unit. We know who to call. Now you do too.