Trial Practice

Atlanta Trial Lawyer

Unlike many other litigators, the lawyers at our firm actually handle jury trials, bench trials, and final arbitration hearings on a regular basis. Specifically, we have experience trying cases in state and federal courts as well as arbitrations before JAMS, the American Arbitration Association, and FINRA. The cases that our Atlanta trial lawyers try are generally high stakes, involving at least seven figures of damages.

Our firm has a reputation for succeeding at trial in difficult cases. In fact, some of our clients have retained us solely to try cases, after having had another lawyer represent them through the pre-trial phases. Having the ability to try cases and having a reputation of success at trying cases is crucial to providing the best possible representation in a litigation matter. For many cases, settlement is simply not a possibility, and our clients rely on us to take their cases all the way through trial. But, even in those cases that settle before trial, our reputation and ability to try a case assists in reaching a settlement. An Atlanta trial lawyer at our firm is often able to obtain the most favorable settlement possible for our clients because opposing counsel is fully aware of our willingness to try cases and our skill in handling a case that goes to trial.

Representative Cases

  • We represented an Atlanta businessman and his construction company, which had set up what was described as a “highly tax-advantaged pension plan” with the assistance of a financial planner and insurance broker. Our client paid into the plan for five years before being audited by the IRS, which resulted in our client being assessed nearly $2 million in taxes and penalties. After a weeklong trial against the financial planner involving complex claims related to pension and tax law, a Cobb County jury found in our favor. Read more.
  • In what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind decision in the coin operated amusement machine industry, the Robbins Firm attorneys secured a final award in an arbitration providing for significant money damages and important injunctive relief. The arbitration was under the auspices of the Lottery’s regulatory jurisdiction and against a third party. The firm’s client, an owner of bona fide coin operated amusement machines, brought an action against its former customer, a store owner that had the firm client’s machines placed in its store. The store owner improperly disabled the owner’s machines in breach of the parties’ contract and in violation of Georgia law. The arbitrator’s order against the store resulted in the awarding of monetary damages, including arbitration expenses and attorney fees, and directing the return of its machines to full operation at the location where they had been improperly disconnected.
  • We represented a real estate developer in a dispute against his former business partner for breach of contract. The trial involved expert testimony on values of various properties. After a week-long trial, the jury awarded our client significant monetary damages. The other side appealed the trial verdict and award, and it was upheld on appeal.
  • We represented an individual and a corporation which were alleged to have misappropriated millions of dollars from trusts. The three plaintiffs included beneficiaries and trustees of those trusts. In mid-trial, we were successful in a motion for judgment as a matter of law on the beneficiaries’ claim for unjust enrichment, which represented potential damages against our client of $4 million. We also obtained a jury verdict in favor of our client on RICO claims seeking over $10 million.
  • We represented a longtime technology client in a JAMS arbitration against a former customer for wrongful termination of a multi-year service agreement. After an arbitration hearing, the arbitrator issued an award in our client’s favor. The arbitrator concluded that the customer’s termination was wrongful, and awarded our client over $1 million.
  • In another recent arbitration in which the same technology client was sued for breach of contract and unjust enrichment, our client counterclaimed to enforce a contractual notice and cure provision. After a week-long arbitration with JAMS, our client obtained a dismissal of all claims against it plus a seven-figure award for breach of contract damages.
  • In a week long jury trial in Fulton Superior Court, we obtained a large jury verdict in favor of our client. Our client was a political consultant who had assisted developers in putting together a bid on the redevelopment of the Perry Homes project. That bid was ultimately selected by the AHA, but the developers failed to pay our client her fee. There were no written agreements, which made the trial a difficult one. However, our client prevailed and was awarded nearly every penny she sought, plus her attorney fees.
  • In another arbitration for the owner of bona fide coin operated amusement machines, we were able to obtain a final judgment after an evidentiary hearing that our client’s contracts were valid and enforceable, and the respondent was ordered to continue to perform in accordance with those contracts. Our client was also awarded its attorney fees.
  • We represented a lender in an arbitration action to recover funds against a real estate development company, which defaulted on a promissory note. Our client sought the full amount of the loan, interest and attorney fees. The arbitrator awarded our client the full amount requested on a motion for summary disposition. The arbitrator’s award was confirmed in state court, and our client is currently taking steps to recover the full amount owed.
  • Our firm represented a sports league whose thousands of customer contacts was wrongfully taken and used by a former partner in the business who started a competing league. We immediately obtained a preliminary injunction against the former partner. We were later successful in a final arbitration hearing before the American Arbitration Association. The final award granted our client a permanent injunction against the former partner and as well as a substantial award of monetary damages, even though our client did not lose any customers to the defendants’ competing business.
  • We represented a CEO who was terminated from her position. Her former company also refused to pay her severance, claiming it was not owed to her because she was fired for “for cause.” The case was arbitrated and the Company was represented by one of the largest law firms in the country. We prevailed at the final arbitration hearing and our client was awarded her entire severance of $1 million.