Emergency Relief and Injunctions

Businesses and individuals retain our firm to take the reins of the case quickly, assess the situation, and pursue emergency relief as well as defend against emergency motions filed by an aggressive plaintiff. On the plaintiffs’ side, we have successfully obtained preliminary injunctions early in the course of litigation in order to prevent ‘irreparable harm’ to our clients while litigation is ongoing. On the defense side, we have the experience and expertise to respond quickly in cases where an opposing party seeks emergency relief and a hearing immediately before a judge. Whether you are seeking emergency relief from a court or defending against a party seeking emergency relief, we are prepared to assist you quickly and effectively.

Representative Matters

  • Our firm successfully obtained a petition to invalidate several annexations by the City of Atlanta filed on behalf of citizens in unincorporated South Fulton County. Judge Dempsey of Fulton Superior Court held an expedited hearing in the case, where he heard testimony from employees from the City of Atlanta concerning these annexations. The Court held that these annexations were untimely under new legislation passed by the General Assembly known as HB 514 and alternatively, did not comply with the annexation laws established under O.C.G.A. § 36-36-30 through 36-36-40. As a consequence, these annexations are now considered null and void.
  • We defended a hotel owner and investor in the federal district court in Atlanta against a motion for temporary restraining order. Plaintiffs were a group of family members alleging they were investors in a hotel who sought to have our client personally pay over $500,000 into the court registry, supposedly for a future distribution to the alleged investors. Our firm successfully defeated the motion, showing the court that there were no grounds present for emergency relief.
  • The firm represented the owners of a large multi-family apartment complex in a dispute with third-party managers of the property who were misappropriating rental income and failing to adequately maintain the property. Robbins Firm attorneys filed for a temporary restraining order and, after a hearing, were granted an injunction prohibiting the management company from entering the apartment complex property and freezing the bank account into which the misappropriated rents were deposited.
  • The firm represented a minority shareholder of a corporation who sought a temporary restraining order against the majority owner due to the majority owner’s significant and repeated acts of self-dealing, which substantial impaired our client’s investment in the company. The Court sided with our client and promptly issued a temporary restraining order preventing the majority owner from any further dissipation of the assets of the company.
  • We represented a major telecommunications company against a former employee who, upon receiving notification of his termination, copied voluminous confidential and proprietary confidential company information in direct violation of his confidentiality agreement. In less than 36 hours, our firm filed a lawsuit and emergency motion and obtained a court order that authorized the local sheriff deputy to enter the employee’s home and seize all laptops and other computer storage devices. Our client was able to secure its confidential information and prevent its unauthorized use and dissemination by the former employee.
  • We represented a sports league whose former partner wrongfully took and used thousands of our client’s customer contacts to start a competing league. Our client sought and obtained an emergency injunction in order to prevent the former partner from using the league’s customer information. The case was subsequently arbitrated before the American Arbitration Association, where our client won a permanent injunction and monetary damages against its former partner.
  • We represented a business whose former partner wrongfully held onto a customer database and held the company’s website hostage. Our client sued the former partner. We sought and obtained emergency relief, including getting the customer information back for the business and returning access to the company’s website back to the company.
  • We represented two sisters who were sued by their two brothers regarding the management and control of their family business. The brothers filed an emergency motion for the Court to appoint a receiver to manage the business. Our clients retained our firm twenty-four hours before the emergency hearing. The Court denied the brothers’ emergency motion twice.