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Fraud & Misrepresentation

About This Practice Area

Many of our firm’s cases involve claims of fraud, misrepresentation, and tortious interference with contract.  Thus, our attorneys have extensive experience pursuing and defending against disputes involving these claims.

Whether or not these claims create liability, they risk reputational harm and punitive damages.  These claims also often arise on an emergency basis, and we have assisted many clients with seeking a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction, or defending such claims. We have handled trials and appeals of these types of claims in lawsuits and arbitrations throughout the country.

Representative Matters

We represented a group of investors who were defrauded in a sophisticated real estate investment scam.  We sued nine defendants in federal court on counts of conspiracy, conversion, fraud, unjust enrichment; and violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1961, et seq., Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”).  We obtained (confidential) settlements with two defendants, and judgment of over $4 million – including treble damages – against the remaining defendants.

Our client, the owner and manager of several commercial rental properties, was sued in United States District Court under a theory of unjust enrichment. Plaintiffs alleged that our client had received approximately $4 million in trust monies despite not being a beneficiary of the trusts. After four days of trial, we moved for, and were granted, judgment as a matter of law on the unjust enrichment claims asserted against our client.

 The Fulton County Superior Court awarded a key victory to Robbins Firm clients when it agreed to grant our motion to dismiss the bulk of the claims filed against our clients in a case involving a commercial real estate transaction in Florida. The transaction at issue involved the financed sale of a hotel, and the plaintiff’s suit sought a portion of the proceeds of that sale. In agreeing with our position, the court recognized that there was no basis for the plaintiff to assert many of its most potentially lucrative claims, including a cause of action under Georgia’s RICO statute.

Our clients – a company that provided tax-advantaged investments as well as individuals who were employed by the company – were sued for fraud in multiple lawsuits around the country.  We served as lead counsel in all of the lawsuits, which involved complex legal and tax issues.  Some of the lawsuits were dismissed or resolved via confidential settlement agreement.

We represented a major real estate developer who sued a prospective partner in a real estate transaction for embezzling over a million dollars.  The Court entered a default judgment against the defendant due to the defendant’s misconduct during discovery in the case.

We represented a real estate developer who was a victim of a ponzi scheme involving escrow accounts.  One defendant in the case filed for bankruptcy which has already led to a substantial recovery for our client.  Our client continues to pursue actions against others.

I was wrongly sued for fraud along with the company where I used to work. The plaintiffs sought millions of dollars in damages, and the issues in the case were very complicated. I am glad I trusted Jason Alloy and the Robbins Firm with my defense. They provided excellent and efficient representation. I would certainly use the firm again for a complex litigation matter.

D.S., Business executive