Atlanta Accounting Malpractice Attorney

Accounting mistakes can be extremely costly, both for clients and for the accountants. When thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, disagreements can quickly deteriorate into full-blown disputes. The prospect of litigation brings with it potential damage to your professional reputation and even the possible loss of your livelihood. When that happens, or even before that happens, you need an experienced Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney to help you navigate these troubled waters and understand your options.  

The lawyers at Robbins Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC have the knowledge and skill to help you prevail in whatever claim you are facing. We can help resolve accounting claims before they happen, but we also understand the ins-and-outs of litigation. Aggressive and dedicated, our accounting malpractice lawyers can help you get the results you need. Call us at 678-701-9381 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our Atlanta accounting malpractice attorneys to learn more about how we can help. 

You Need An Atlanta Accounting Malpractice Attorney Who Understands the Accounting Industry

Accountants are held to a high standard of professionalism when it comes to representing their clients. From solo practitioners to small and large-sized accounting firms, we use our extensive knowledge of accounting principles and auditing standards to help our clients manage risk, handle claims, and ensure compliance. We understand that accounting is a highly technical field, which is why our lawyers stay abreast of changes in the law as well as the following: 

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Generally Accepted Auditing Principles (GAAS)
  • CPA licensing and reporting requirements
  • State and federal regulatory/compliance issues

We stay up-to-date on the issues that matter most to our clients so that we are sure to deliver relevant, practical, and timely legal advice. 

We also help our clients avoid claims by providing them with day-to-day advice concerning their practice. We build long term relationships with our clients to understand what makes their business unique. We believe that this helps us provide the best possible service if and when a claim arises. 

We Defend Against Malpractice Claims

If you’re facing a claim, we understand that you or your firm’s future and reputation are at stake. We represent accountants and accounting firms in any type of claim they may face: 

  • Claims from individual clients
  • Claims from corporate clients
  • State and federal regulatory enforcement actions
  • Board licensing issues and disciplinary proceedings 

We can help you no matter what legal challenges you are facing. We use our extensive experience, knowledge, and skill to provide our clients with an aggressive defense focused on safeguarding your reputation and getting you a fair result. Unlike other firms, we enter each case fully prepared to litigate the claim and only recommend settlement when we genuinely believe it’s in your best interest. We help our clients get claims dismissed quickly and obtain favorable verdicts so that they can continue to grow their practices. 

An Atlanta Accounting Malpractice Attorney Holding Accountants Responsible

As business owners, we understand how devastating it can be when an accounting issue costs you money or results in other legal problems. As a result, we believe that accountants should be held responsible for their actions, and so we also represent individuals and businesses that have suffered financial losses as a result of accounting malpractice. Our skilled and experienced litigators aggressively pursue malpractice claims of every type, from complicated schemes designed to defraud clients to negligent bookkeeping. Our extensive knowledge of accounting principles and standards allow us to unravel the sophisticated web of financial statements, reports, and other documents that you need to prove your claim and get the result you deserve. 

Types of Cases We Handle

Our Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney is positioned to handle almost any type of accounting malpractice claim you may have. From building your case to advising you of your options, we handle the following types of claims, for both plaintiffs and defendants: 

  • Allegations of errors and omissions
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Accounting fraud, including claims of conspiracy or aiding and abetting
  • Failure to detect and advise the client of embezzlement or fraud
  • Auditing failures
  • Failure to properly prepare tax returns or file them in a timely fashion
  • Failure to follow accounting and auditing standards
  • Improper administration of trust accounts
  • Erroneous or inaccurate tax advice
  • Inaccurate or erroneous accounting advice 
  • Poor accounting advice pertaining to bankruptcy 

Specifically, here are some cases that we have successfully handled for our clients:

  • Our firm represented a client who sued his certified public accountant after an employee of the accounting firm admitted to stealing our client’s money from an escrow account. We filed the suit in federal court, which received media attention. The case soon settled favorably for our client but pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement.
  • Our firm defended a “Big Four” accounting firm in a class-action lawsuit, claiming that the firm had been negligent in preparing its audit opinions. We were able to get the class-action lawsuit dismissed.
  • We represented another “Big Four” accounting firm that was sued under the False Claims Act. Our lawyers were again able to get the case against the accounting firm dismissed.
  • We defended a national accounting firm in a professional negligence case. We were able to settle the case for a nominal amount shortly before trial.

We also represent clients who have been subpoenaed in other cases or are involved in investigative proceedings.  No matter what claims you may be facing, we give your issues our full attention. We focus on finding creative, cost-effective, and practical solutions to your problems. 


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with highly effective and aggressive legal representation in accounting malpractice cases. We stand by our record of obtaining results for our clients, but perhaps our clients should speak for themselves: 

“Richard Robbins and Jason Alloy represented me in a partnership dispute that involved very complicated financial issues. The lawyers at the Robbins Firm understand complicated financial issues and achieved a fantastic result for me. They continue to be my go-to firm in complex business matters.”

-M.K., President of Companies in the Real Estate and Petroleum Business

“Before we make important business decisions and execute complex agreements, we rely on Jason Alloy to advise us. His expertise helps us look at business issues and disputes from different angles, and he provides us with a valued layer of legal protection and proper risk assessment. Based on the advice given to us by the Robbins Firm, we believe we have a competitive legal edge. I highly recommend them.”

-M.Z., CEO of a National benefit program company

“The Robbins Firm attorneys are a powerful team. Alexa Ross’s argument to the Georgia Court of Appeals in my case was utterly brilliant, arguing against four well-known attorneys and making it look effortless. The judges listened because the Robbins Firm attorneys knew what would be important to the Court. We won on every count.”

-M.J., Businesswoman

“We initially used one of the biggest law firms in Atlanta to handle our litigation matters. A few years ago we decided to move our efforts to the Robbins Firm. The Robbins Firm lawyers can easily compete with litigators at any of the big firms. They have greatly exceeded our expectations and achieved a great result for us in a trade secret dispute.”

-J.B., President of a sports league

“I was wrongly sued for fraud along with the company where I used to work. The plaintiffs sought millions of dollars in damages, and the issues in the case were very complicated. I am glad I trusted Jason Alloy and the Robbins Firm with my defense. They provided excellent and efficient representation. I would certainly use the firm again for a complex litigation matter.”

-D.S., Business Executive

We value our relationships with our clients and are honored to serve them as part of the Atlanta business community. 

Accounting Malpractice Claims – Frequently Asked Questions

We have represented a number of clients in a wide variety of accounting claims and related issues. Here are some of the questions we regularly encounter:

  • I have concerns about our financial records and my accountant is being unresponsive and uncooperative. What should I do? Your accountant may be trying to hide some impropriety or is reluctant to acknowledge an error. Whatever may be the case, you do not have to tolerate unreasonable delays. If there have been financial losses, delays could make them worse. If your accountant has been dishonest, delays afford them the opportunity to falsify or destroy evidence.  You should strongly consider contacting an Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney if you are suspicious of your financial records and aren’t getting the answers you need.
  • My client reported me to the accounting board. Should I hire a lawyer? You should take any disciplinary proceeding very seriously, including the preliminary investigation. The board can be extremely aggressive in pursuing claims alleging unethical or negligent accounting practices. At a minimum, an investigation and subsequent proceedings can distract you from your day-to-day practice by consuming a considerable amount of time and other resources. Hiring an Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney to handle your case can allow you to focus on your business.
  • I’ve been sued but my malpractice insurance carrier has provided me with an attorney. That should be sufficient, right?  In most cases, the attorney provided to you by your insurance carrier will be more than adequate and will provide you with an excellent defense. However, you should keep in mind that the insurance company is paying their bills. As a result, the insurer may be inclined to settle the case when you want to go to litigation. Alternatively, insurance counsel isn’t handling the case as aggressively as you’d like. In those situations, hiring your own accounting malpractice attorney can help make sure your interests are protected. 
  • My firm was sued based on alleged accounting errors in work I was involved in. Should I hire my own attorney? If you haven’t been named in the lawsuit, you do not, strictly speaking, need your own attorney. However, if you are concerned that at some point a claim may be made against you, hiring your own accounting malpractice attorney can provide guidance that may help keep you out of trouble. 
  • I’ve been subpoenaed to testify in an accounting malpractice case. Do I need a lawyer?  Whether you need your own counsel will depend on your involvement in the case and whether it could lead to claims being brought against you. We recommend that you at least speak with an Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney about your case well before you have to testify. They could advise you of any potential issues, and if you decide to hire them, they could help you prepare your testimony. 
  • I mishandled my client’s work and there are serious problems now. What should I do? If you could be sued or subject to disciplinary proceedings, we strongly recommend that you speak with an Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney. Remember, anything you tell them is confidential – they are ethically prohibited from disclosing anything you tell them. Furthermore, they can help you understand your options and formulate an effective strategy that will hopefully minimize the damage to your career. 

Contact an Atlanta Accounting Malpractice Attorney

Whether you are an accountant or a client, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you are facing a potential accounting malpractice claim. The Atlanta accounting malpractice attorneys at Robbins Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC understand exactly what is at stake, which is why we provide tireless legal representation to get the results you need. If you would like to discuss your case and learn more about our firm, call us at 678-701-9381 or complete our online contact form to schedule a meeting with an Atlanta accounting malpractice attorney today.