Ex-Bank of Anderson leader wins arbitration

Written by Alison Glass | Feb 15, 2007 | News

Arbitrators ruled Thursday in favor of former Bank of Anderson President and Chief Executive Officer David King, saying that the terms of his employment agreement were breached with his firing in January 2006.

School Lunch Prep Lawsuit Goes To Court

Written by Jerry Bellune - Lexington County Chronicle & The Dispatch-News | Aug 31, 2006 | Press

A minority-owned food manufacturer is suing one of the world’s largest privately held food manufacturing companies for millions of dollars in damages.

Big Spat With Little Bank

Written by PÉRALTE C. PAUL - Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Jan 7, 2006 | News

Make a promise, he’ll take you at you word. A handshake equals a signature on the proverbial dotted line.