Kickbacks and Cocaine? Kaolin Industry Scandal

Written by Edward Demarco - Atlanta Business Chronicle | Sep 4, 1992 | News

The state’s largest mining company is accusing two former employees of conspiring with vendors of the firm in a kickback scheme related to the export of kaolin, Georgia’s most valuable mineral.

Sure You Can Get Sick – But Not Too Sick

Written by Susan B. Garland - Atlanta Business Chronicle | Dec 3, 1990 | News

Like most people with health coverage, John McGann didn’t worry much about the high cost of medical care. Even when the Houston music store employee came down with AIDS in December 1987, he was confident his medical bills would be paid.

Multimillion-Dollar Street Fight

Written by David Lundy - Fulton County Daily Report | Oct 1, 1990 | News

Developers Portman-Barry Investments Inc. and Homart Development Co., having battled in the political arena for three years over the rights to prime North Fulton real estate, are now thrusting and parrying in court.