Robbins Firm Successfully Obtains Dismissal of Plaintiff’s Complaint for Millions of Dollars against Our Client

Written by Firm | Jul 2, 2016 | Results | Print PDF

The Robbins Firm obtained a summary judgment order in the Superior Court of DeKalb County dismissing a complaint against our client.  That complaint alleged entitlement to millions of dollars of carried interest in our client’s company.   Our client was a venture capital firm which managed investments for a co-defendant company.  Plaintiff was a consultant for the co-defendant, and claimed that our client had promised him “carried interest” in the funds our client managed, despite plaintiff not being an employee or consultant for our client.  We moved for summary judgment, alleging that the so-called contract for carried interest was too indefinite to be enforceable.  We also argued that plaintiff had been paid for his services and so could not assert an “unjust enrichment” claim.  The Court agreed, and dismissed the Complaint in full.  There was no appeal by plaintiff. 

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