Robbins Firm Prevails on Counterclaims in Breach of Contract Jury Trial, Including Award of Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses of Litigation

Written by Firm | Mar 16, 2020 | News | Print PDF

We represented a prominent medical practice, who had been sued by one of its former doctors in a case where both parties were pursuing breach of contract claims.  The former doctor left the medical practice with over eight months left on her employment agreement to take another job.  She alleged that she had a right to leave the practice because she purportedly had been underpaid under the contract, and she filed a breach of contract lawsuit against our client, which sought to recover this alleged underpayment.  Our client counterclaimed on the grounds that its former doctor employee breached her contract by leaving her employment before the end of the term of the contract and sought lost profits damages.  After a week-long jury trial, the jury rejected the former doctor’s breach of contract, attorneys’ fees, and pre-judgment interest claims, which sought over $400,000 from our client.  In contrast, the jury found in favor of our client on its counterclaims and, thus, awarded our client lost profits damages, attorneys’ fees and expenses of litigation, and pre-judgment interest.  While the amount of attorneys’ fees and expenses of litigation and pre-judgment interest that can be recovered has to be determined by the Court, our client has submitted documentation that will support a final judgment against its former doctor employee for more than $450,000.    

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