We have litigated and settled numerous disputes for our clients. Below are samples of some of the results that we have obtained for our clients.

We represented a group of investors who were defrauded in a sophisticated real estate investment scam.  We sued nine defendants in federal court on RICO charges. We obtained a judgment of over $4 million – including treble damages.

We represented a longtime technology client in a JAMS arbitration against a former customer for wrongful termination of a multi-year service agreement.  After the arbitration hearing, the arbitrator awarded our client over $1 million.

We represented an individual who is a member and manager of a limited liability company that invests in real estate.  Our client was sued for breach of a personal guaranty and a promissory estoppel for over $1.5 million.  The Superior Court granted our motion to dismiss the breach of personal guaranty claim and our motion to dismiss the promissory estoppel against our client for over $1.5 million.

We represented the owner of a company which merged with another company.  The parties executed a Stockholder’s Agreement which contained a buy/sell provision. Our client sued the other party after the other party tried to renege on a $2 million offer.  The district court granted summary judgment in our favor and found that our client was entitled to over $1.7 million plus interest.  The Court of Appeals subsequently affirmed the decision of the district court.

We represented a minority stakeholder in a real estate company in a breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty dispute against the majority owner of the company.  After a two-week, highly complicated jury trial, we obtained a verdict in favor of our client, and the jury awarded our client over half a million dollars in damages.

We represented the minority owner of a business in breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty case against the majority owner of the business. The case was arbitrated through the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator held that the majority owner breached his contractual and legal duties to our client and the arbitrator awarded our client nearly one million dollars.

We represented multi-family residential developers and their owner against various lenders, including Wells Fargo Bank, in several lawsuits in state and federal court seeking to recover on loans and personal guaranties totaling more than $150,000,000 and involving substantial real estate located throughout the Southeast. Our firm successfully negotiated a global settlement of all lawsuits with all lenders, resulting in the dismissal of all lawsuits.

We represented a leading provider in contact center technology solutions in connection with a variety of contract disputes. In a recent arbitration, in which our client was sued for breach of contract and unjust enrichment, our client counterclaimed to enforce a contractual notice and cure provision. After a week-long arbitration with JAMS, our client obtained a dismissal of all claims against it plus a seven-figure award for breach of contract damages.

We have represented one of Atlanta’s fastest growing technology companies which was sued for breach of contract. We filed a counterclaim on behalf of the client. The case was arbitrated through JAMS. The arbitrator found in favor of our client, awarding approximately one million dollars. The opposing party’s claims were denied.

We represented a major telecommunications company against a former employee who, upon receiving notification of his termination, copied voluminous confidential and proprietary confidential company information in direct violation of his confidentiality agreement. In less than 36 hours, our firm filed a lawsuit and emergency motion and obtained a court order that authorized the local sheriff deputy to enter the employee’s home and seize all laptops and other computer storage devices. Our client was able to secure its confidential information and prevent its unauthorized use and dissemination by the former employee.

We represented a sports league whose former partner wrongfully took and used thousands of our client’s customer contacts to start a competing league. Our client sought and obtained an emergency injunction in order to prevent the former partner from using the league’s customer information. The case was subsequently arbitrated before the American Arbitration Association, where our client won a permanent injunction and monetary damages against its former partner.

We represented a Bank CEO in his wrongful termination arbitration demand against the Bank holding company, claiming that he was improperly terminated for “cause.” After a week-long hearing, the arbitration panel held that the CEO’s termination breached the agreement because he was denied due process, and that the evidence did not support “cause.” The CEO was awarded approximately $1 million, which included breach of contract damages, pre-judgment interest on contract damages and attorneys’ fees and costs.

We represented a prominent investment management firm and its managing partners in an arbitration stemming from a complaint filed by a terminated partner. The claimant claimed $8.5 million in damages, including the value of her percent membership interest in the firm. Complex partnership valuation issues and SEC compliance issues were involved. Following a two-week arbitration, most of the claimant’s claims were denied, and the arbitrators accepted the respondents’ valuation, which was a fraction of the amount claimed. The arbitrators also denied claims for punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. Additionally, the panel cleared the individual partners of any personal liability.

We represented a CEO who was terminated from her position. Her former company also refused to pay her severance, claiming it was not owed to her because she was fired for “for cause.” The case was arbitrated and the Company was represented by one of the largest law firms in the country. Our client prevailed and was awarded approximately $1 million dollars.

We represented a Fortune 50 company in a zoning appeal. Our client purchased a commercial property for over $60 million after our client obtained assurances and positive feedback from City officials with regard to our client’s proposed redevelopment.  Despite the positive feedback and assurances, the city council initially denied rezoning. Our client filed suit, and the City Council subsequently voted to approve the rezoning.

We represented two individuals who borrowed over one million dollars to build a home in Sandy Springs. The lender filed suit against our clients. In the lawsuit, the lender sought to void modifications to debt instruments that the lender executed. We obtained summary judgment in our client’s favor. The decision was subsequently affirmed by the Georgia Court of Appeals and has been cited by numerous times.

Two of our partners represented the State of Georgia as Special Assistant Attorneys General in the State of Georgia’s lawsuit against “Obamacare.” The case was ultimately decided by the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys represented the State of Georgia pro bono (i.e., at no cost to the State).

We represented the State of Georgia after it was sued for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights for Institutionalized Persons Act concerning the level of services provided to state residents with developmental disabilities and mental illness. We were successful in reaching an agreement to avoid an outcome involving direct federal control of the state services at issue. This agreement is now viewed as the gold standard governing state programs for developmentally disabled and mentally-ill individuals, and we have served in advisory roles to guide other States.

We represented a beneficiary in a complex family dispute involving an estate worth tens of millions of dollars. When a question of trust construction and grantor intent arose, our firm filed a lawsuit seeking declaratory judgment. On appeal, our firm obtained a favorable decision finding that the grantor intended for our client to receive the property in dispute. Garner v. Redwine, 309 Ga. App. 158 (2011)

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